Curriculum Leadership

9. Presenting history to a wider audience


Every primary school teacher knows the importance of displays: not only do they celebrate the childrens' achievements they are also a statement of the aims of the school. Though often thought of as a language-based subject history offers many opportunities to create a colourful and exciting classroom environment. Through writing, drawing, and acting history children will be acquiring that ability to be both observers and participants which is unique to conscious existence. These gains need to be made explicit and visible.

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Governors and parents

Parents have a right to know what their children are doing and why. Quite apart from the formal reporting process, the curriculum leader needs to be able to summarise his or her own policies at open evenings and when prospective parents are shown around the school.

Governors are a separate issue, even though many may be parents. Every governing body has a curriculum committee and the curriculum leader must be prepared to come to a meeting of such a committee and tell them about the history being taught in the school. The ability to demonstrate that it is in accordance with national requirements is essential.

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