Human Evolution

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  • Australopithecus Afarensis (Lucy)

    Found by the palaeontologist Richard Leakey at Afar in Ethiopia in 1974. Lucy is the most complete specimen of a species of bipedal ape so far found. It roamed Africa about four million years ago, suggesting that changes in the climate made it advantageous for some tree-dwelling primates to live on the ground.

    Lucy was about four feet tall; later versions of the australopithicus seem to have been taller and more robust and it is assumed that they are our earliest ancestors.

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  • Nakriatome Boy

    Found by Alan Walker in Kenya in 1984, Nakriatome boy was 5' 5" tall and about 12 years old. Modern in every way below the neck he had a brain capacity about two thirds that of present day homo sapiens.

    Date: about one and a half million years ago.

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