The Pardoner's Tale

The Pardoner's Tale

The Pardoner's Tale is a short audio-visual project, retelling Chaucer's famous fable.

The drawings, by Bill Leedham, have been scanned and colourised on computer, before being assembled into sequence. The music, written by Christopher Leedham, uses the latest 'soft-synth' technology. The story is told by Keith Palmer.

Scene 1 - The Village

A.D. 1400 - a sleepy village in medieval England.

"It was a summer evening - still light and with a strong smell of honeysuckle in the air..."

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Scene 2 - The Alehouse

"Once upon a time there were three young men. Lively lads they were, into every kind of mischief and crime. They'd in wait for travellers on the road and rob them, or they'd break into houses to steal money for drink. Then they'd spend the whole night in the alehouse spending what they'd stolen. They'd never done an honest day's work in their lives..."

Scene 3 - The Old Man

'Looking for someone, gentlemen?' The speaker was a bent old man who had approached the three thieves without their seeing him. 'We're looking for Death,' said the second of the thieves, fingering his dagger. 'I too am looking for Death, but the wicked creature keeps escaping me'...